4 Tips to Mindful, Meaningful Online Dating

Honestly speaking, online dating can have a way of sending your ego to an early grave. The entire process both encourages and requires a judgmental attitude. Users must make snap decisions based on their own superficial criteria, which is the basis for you, yourself, being judged on online dating sites as well.

In some instances, you’re not good enough, while in others, you’re too good. And, with every profile you view and “like,” there’s a certain amount of disappointment that comes with not being liked back. Poor, poor ego, when those messages go unreturned, creating a roller coaster of devastation and pride.

Yet, it is possible to find mindful, meaningful connections through online dating sites. Technological advancements have provided consumers with the power of dating online. Now, it’s up to us to learn how to date online the right way, so your connections are also valuable, and possibly long-lasting.

You can create mindful, meaningful connections using these 4 tips for online dating.

You can create mindful, meaningful connections using these 4 tips for online dating.

4 Steps to Mindful, Meaningful Dating Online

Prepare yourself for successful online dating by learning how it’s done. Here are four online dating tips to use as a guideline to finding mindful, meaningful companionship:

1. Showcase Your Deep Nature in Your Online Dating Profile

When viewing online dating profiles, no one wants to read your life story. You can also leave out information that’s excessively obvious, such as “like to travel”, “enjoy eating.” Instead, provide readers with more revealing, deeper narratives. For example, instead of “I like to read,” how about something like, “My favorite book ______ taught me that…” That way, you filter in more deeper connections.

2. Know Your Own Dating and Relationship Desires

Just like with any process worth going through, you must have a game plan for online dating websites. If not, the entire process can become a continuous maze of purposeless swiping and useless conversations. Are you looking for a quick hookup, fun date, new friends, long-term relationship, etc…? Know what you’re looking for ahead of time to create mindful, meaningful online relationships.

3. Don’t Be Obsessive

Hopefully, you’re not one of those people who checks their social messages obsessively. There’s no need to respond to each message immediately. They’ll still be in your inbox tonight. Set aside two specific times each day to read and respond to your online dating site messages. That way, you can put time and thought into your messages, making them more mindful and meaningful.

4. Be Genuinely Interested in Others

Remember that the person you’re interacting with while on the online dating site is a real human being. That means there are genuine thoughts, feeling, wants and needs behind that screen. Don’t go into it wondering what you can get out of engaging with this person. Instead, forget about yourself, and take the time to pay attention to the person with whom you’re interacting. This will make them feel as if you truly care, and are interested in creating mindful, meaningful connections while dating online.

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