10 Dating Tips That Prove You’re Going About Being Single All Wrong

When it comes to most singles, the ultimate goal of dating is to find a soulmate. For some, this could be instantaneous… love at first sight. Others, on the other hand, are forced to go through the dating maze of life looking for true love. But, your search doesn’t have to be stressful. You should enjoy dating… have fun being single until you’re not single anymore.

10 Things to Remember to Keep Dating and Being Single Fun

Dating Advice: Are you going about being single all wrong?

Dating Advice: Are you going about being single all wrong?

  1. Finding love shouldn’t be your only goal. Live your life as if you already know love is on the way. Set goals and priorities for life in general, instead of making finding a romantic partner an obsession.
  2. Only allow him to earl on you once. Your friends were absolutely right when they told you to drop that drunk with the projectile vomiting skills. Rethink what you’re feeling. This probably won’t go well.
  3. It’s not about whether they think you’re good enough. You want to find someone with whom you enjoy spending outrageous amounts of time. Concentrate on finding someone who compliments your world, and vice versa.
  4. Keep your gaydar active at all times. If it walks, talks and quacks like a duck… well, you know the rest. Just be careful not to get into anything that’s not genuine. It’ll make your life much simpler.
  5. Respect is key, and never to be forgotten. Some habits can be a bit annoying. But, it’s that flat out lack of respect that is completely unacceptable. You’d advise your friend to drop a disrespectful guy/gal in a heartbeat. So, why would you put up with it?
  6. Skip the local bar for something really fun. Don’t spend your Saturday night trying to cure your boredom. Chances are anyone you meet won’t have what it takes to liven it up. Why not go somewhere you’d actually enjoy, and take a chance of meeting someone you can connect with there.
  7. Stop working about rejection. It takes confidence to lure in the mate of your dreams. So, don’t worry if potential lovers think you’re too short or too fat or whatever. Some people just are not great fits. Isn’t it best to weed these paramours out sooner than later?
  8. Go to the movies, parks, concerts and museums alone. Learn how to date yourself. This allows you the “me time” you need to explore new things without having to compromise your plans. Friends can be distractions. They can also deter interested parties from asking you out. You never know who you may meet… possibly your soulmate.
  9. First dates are don’t always lead to marriage. The ultimate goal on a first date should not be to find a husband/wife. Instead, keep it simple and just concentrate on having a second date. There’s no way to have fun dating and being single putting all that pressure on yourself… and your date.
  10. Don’t ignore the signs. If the person you’re dating tells you he/she is too damaged for you, or has too many hang-ups for you (or too anything), take heed. It’s not your job to come in and “fix” another person, even if it’s just a case of low self-esteem.

Now, get out there and start enjoying the dating game. Stop letting being single stop you from doing things in life that bring you joy. Love will find its way to you soon enough.

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